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'The Oscars of the Software Industry'

JDJ Readers' Choice Awards Recognized 25 Winners and 75 Finalists

Widely referred to as the "Oscars of the software industry," the JDJ Readers' Choice Awards program has become the most-respected industry competition of its kind.

The polls were open for just under a year, from March 1, 2003, through December 31, 2003, and over 15,000 JDJ readers cast their votes.

JDJ Readers' Choice Award recipients are selected through reader-submitted nominations, followed by online voting.

Best Java Book
Thinking in Java, Prentice Hall PTR (
Thinking in Java, Third Edition, teaches Java one step at a time, with hundreds of new, self-contained example programs that illuminate every key technique for building today’s applications. This edition has been fully updated for Java 1.4, with a new extended coverage of multithreading, and many other major improvements.
First Runner-up: Java Development with Ant, Manning Publications (
Second Runner-up: Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies, Prentice Hall PTR (
Third Runner-up: About Face 2.0: The Essentials of Interaction Design, Wiley (

Best Database Tool or Driver
AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, Computer Associates International, Inc. (
AllFusion helps users increase productivity in the design, generation, and maintenance of high-quality, high-performance databases, data warehouses, and enterprise data resource models.
First Runner-up: XMLSPY, Altova (
Second Runner-up: IBM Rational Rose Data Modeler, IBM (
Third Runner-up: Oracle TopLink, Oracle (

Best Enterprise Database
Oracle9i Database, Oracle (
Oracle9i Database is a scalable and full-featured database. It features full XML database functionality with the Oracle XML DB feature, enhancements to Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, and additional self-tuning and self-management capabilities to help improve DBA productivity and efficiency.
First Runner-up: DB2 Universal Database v 8.1, IBM (
Second Runner-up: JDataStore 6, Borland (
Third Runner-up: Advantage Ingres, Computer Associates (

Best Java Application
Borland Together ControlCenter, Borland (
Borland Together ControlCenter is a complete application development environment that encompasses and integrates application design, development, and deployment, simplifying the creation of complex software applications through its model-build-deploy platform. Through its integrated and intuitive development environment, ControlCenter brings cross-functional teams together using common language, diagrams, and building-block components.
First Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Application Server v5.0, IBM (
Second Runner-up: IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains (
Third Runner-up: BEA WebLogic Server 7.0, BEA Systems (

Best Java Application Server
BEA WebLogic Server, BEA Systems (
BEA WebLogic Server 7.0 simplifies deployment of massive clustered applications by providing configuration wizards and two-phase deployment capabilities. Configuration wizards are available to create new domains, clusters, and configurations. The configuration wizard reduces the complexity involved in the deployment process by navigating the user through multiple configuration features and validating each step in the configuration process.
First Runner-up: JBoss 3.x Application Server, JBoss Group (
Second Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Application Server v5.0, IBM (
Third Runner-up: Fiorano ESB, Fiorano Software (

Best Java Component
Eclipse SWT, (
Eclipse is an open platform for tool integration built by an open community of tool providers. Operating under an open source paradigm, with a common public license that provides royalty-free source code and world-wide redistribution rights, the Eclipse platform provides tool developers with flexibility and control over their software technology. Eclipse was invented by IBM but is now an open-source development platform governed by 30 software vendors and the open source community.
First Runner-up: WebObjects 5.2, Apple (
Second Runner-up: Oracle9i JDeveloper - BC4J, Oracle (
Third Runner-up: BouncyCastle Crypto APIs, Legion of the Bouncy Castle (

Best Java Data Access Tool
IBM WebSphere Studio (Application Developer v5.0), IBM (
IBM WebSphere Studio is an open, comprehensive development environment for building, testing, and deploying dynamic on-demand e-business applications. Founded on open technologies and built on Eclipse, WebSphere Studio provides a flexible, portal-like integration of multilanguage, multiplatform, and multidevice application development tools that maximize developer productivity, increase ROI, and improve overall time to value.
First Runner-up: Fiorano ESB Data Access Service, Fiorano Software (
Second Runner-up: Kodo JDO, SolarMetric (
Third Runner-up: Oracle TopLink, Oracle (

Best Java Debugging Tool
NetBeans IDE, Sun Microsystems (
The NetBeans IDE is a development environment written in Java that can be used to develop code in Java, HTML, XML, JSP, C/C++, and other languages. The IDE is modular, and there are a variety of commercial and free extensions to it to support various technologies.
First Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Studio (Application Developer v5.0), IBM (
Second Runner-up: Quest JProbe, Quest Software (
Third Runner-up: Oracle9i JDeveloper, Oracle (

Best Java IDE Environment
JBuilder, Borland (
Borland JBuilder is a cross-platform environment for building enterprise Java applications. JBuilder 8 Enterprise simplifies Web and EJB development with two-way visual designers and rapid deployment to leading J2EE platform application servers. Enhance productivity with UML code visualization, refactoring, code formatting, HotSwap debugging, unit testing, and version control integration.
First Runner-up: Eclipse, (
Second Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Studio v5.0, IBM (
Third Runner-up: IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains (

Best Java Installation Tool
InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition v5, Zero G Software (
InstallAnywhere was designed to install any kind of software – desktop, enterprise, or multitiered Web services – onto any platform, and configure those applications for optimal performance. Whether you’re creating applications written in Java, C++, Perl, or C#, or deploying EJBs or .NET Web services, InstallAnywhere automatically handles all of the installation details.
First Runner-up: InstallShield MultiPlatform, InstallShield Software (
Second Runner-up: Quest DeployDirector, Quest Software (
Third Runner-up: Venus Application Publisher (Java Web Start Ed.), Venus Labs (

Best Java Messaging Tool
Fiorano MQ, Fiorano Software (
FioranoMQ is a scalable, secure, and fast Java Messaging Server for organizations building scalable, high-performance, and reliable distributed computing solutions. Fiorano’s configurable, multilevel security system adds Java REALMS support to improve security management by centralizing and combining user authentication sources. The latest release of FioranoMQ is compliant with the JMS 1.1 Specifications released by Sun Microsystems.
First Runner-up: IBM WebSphere MQ 5.3, IBM (
Second Runner-up: SwiftMQ 4.0, IIT Software (
Third Runner-up: Oracle9i Application Server, Oracle (

Best Java Persistence Architecture
Oracle TopLink, Oracle (
Oracle TopLink is an object-to-relational persistence framework that is suitable for a wide range of J2EE and Java application architectures. TopLink enables the creation of high-performance applications that store persistent data in relational databases. TopLink simplifies the access to relational data without sacrificing performance or functionality.
First Runner-up: Kodo JDO, SolarMetric (
Second Runner-up: Describe, Embarcadero Technologies (
Third Runner-up: The Open For Business Project, The Open For Business Project (

Best Java Profiling/Testing Tool
JProfiler, ej-technologies (
JProfiler is a dynamic profiler based on the Java Virtual Machine profiling interface (JVMPI). It’s targeted at J2EE and J2SE applications, and features CPU profiling, memory profiling, thread profiling, and VM telemetry information.
First Runner-up: Quest JProbe, Quest Software (
Second Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Studio (Application Developer v5.0), IBM (
Third Runner-up: Oracle9i JDeveloper, Oracle (

Best Java Training Program
IBM developerWorks, IBM (
IBM developerWorks helps users unleash the power of hard- ware and operating systems, bridge multiple platforms, and be more successful through the use of open standards and cross-platform technologies such as Java, Linux, XML, and open source projects.
First Runner-up: BEA dev2dev, BEA Systems (
Second Runner-up: Oracle University, Oracle (
3rd Runner-up: Java BluePrints Program, Sun Microsystems (

Best Java Virtual Machine
BEA WebLogic JRockit, BEA Systems (
BEA WebLogic JRockit is a high-performance Java Virtual Machine developed for server-side applications and optimized for Intel architectures designed to ensure reliability, scalability, manageability, and flexibility for Java applications. A component of the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform, WebLogic JRockit delivers a new level of performance for Java applications deployed on any kind of hardware architecture.
First Runner-up: IBM Developer Kit, Java 2 Technology Edition, version 1.4.0, IBM (
Second Runner-up: Oracle JVM, Oracle (
Third Runner-up: Excelsior JET, Excelsior (

Best Java Web Services Toolkit
BEA WebLogic Workshop, BEA Systems (
BEA WebLogic Workshop is an integrated development framework that enables application developers to create, test, and deploy enterprise-class Web service applications on the BEA WebLogic Platform. It provides a unified development platform that enables developers to build and connect components, data, and application business logic, while insulating them from the complexities of J2EE.
First Runner-up: IBM WebSphere SDK for Web Services, IBM (
Second Runner-up: Oracle9i JDeveloper, Oracle (
Third Runner-up: Advantage Plex, Computer Associates (

Best Mobile Database
PointBase Micro 4.5, PointBase (
A high-performance Java RDBMS that has an ultrasmall footprint of 46K, perfect for advanced Java-based mobile devices. Designed for the J2SE and J2ME platforms, PointBase Micro 4.5 supports a broad subset of the JDBC API. With its all-Java implementation, PointBase Micro 4.5 enables a wide variety of enterprise applications to run on today’s growing number of small mobile devices, eliminating the need for a constant wireless connection to enterprise database servers.
First Runner-up: Oracle9i Lite, Oracle (
Second Runner-up: SQL Anywhere Studio, iAnywhere Solutions, (

Best Team Development Tool
BEA WebLogic Workshop, BEA Systems (
BEA WebLogic Workshop is an integrated development framework that enables application developers to create, test, and deploy enterprise-class Web service applications on the BEA WebLogic Platform. It provides a unified development platform that enables developers to build and connect components, data, and application business logic, while insulating them from the complexities of J2EE.
First Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Studio v5.0 with Rational Clearcase, IBM (
Second Runner-up: Oracle9i SCM, Oracle (
Third Runner-up: AllFusion Harvest Change Manager, Computer Associates (

Best Wireless Application
IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access, IBM (
WebSphere Everyplace Access version 4.2 simplifies wireless for the enterprise. It delivers the technology that gives mobile employees access to productivity data and enterprise applications from virtually anywhere, at any time. It supports multiple pervasive devices such as PDAs and smartphones from a single platform and helps move business-critical information throughout the organization.
First Runner-up: Advantage Plex and Websydian, Computer Associates and Soft Design (
Second Runner-up: Oracle9i Application Server Mobile Studio, Oracle (
Third Runner-up: Wapaka Microbrowser, Digital Airways ()

Most Innovative Java Product
IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains (
IntelliJ IDEA is a Java IDE that’s filled with development features such as industry setting refactoring support; intelligent code editing assistance; a wide range of J2EE development features for rapid Web application and other enterprise development; a powerful Code Inspection tool; integrated CVS, VSS, and StarTeam support; and an open API for third-party plug-in support.
First Runner-up: Fiorano ESB, Fiorano Software (
Second Runner-up: Eclipse, (
Third Runner-up: WebSphere Application Server Enterprise, IBM (

Best Java Application Monitoring Tool
JDBInsight, JInspired (
JDBInsight brings developers, testers, and DBAs together. Its performance and transaction information visualizations are tailored for tuning and testing J2EE applications.
First Runner-up: Quest PerformaSure, Quest Software (
Second Runner-up: Dirig PathFinder, Dirig Software (
Third Runner-up: IronEye SQL from IronEye, IronGrid (

Best Java Producer Platform
IBM WebSphere Application Server v5.0, IBM (
IBM's WebSphere Application Server v5 is a J2EE and Web services technology-based application platform, offering production-ready application servers for the deployment of enterprise Web services solutions for dynamic e-business. It provides the standards-based infrastructure to integrate business processes across the enterprise and with partners, suppliers, and customers.
First Runner-up: BEA WebLogic Workshop, BEA Systems (")
Second Runner-up: Sun ONE Web Server, Sun (
Third Runner-up: Compuware OptimalJ,`Compuware (

Best J2EE Application Development Framework
BEA WebLogic Workshop, BEA Systems (
BEA WebLogic Workshop is an integrated development framework that enables application developers to create, test, and deploy enterprise-class Web service applications on the BEA WebLogic Platform. It provides a unified development platform that enables developers to build and connect components, data, and application business logic, while insulating them from the complexities of J2EE.
First Runner-up: IBM WebSphere Studio (Application Developer v5.0), IBM (
Second Runner-up: Oracle9i JDeveloper - BC4J, Oracle (
Third Runner-up: Advantage Gen and Advantage Joe, Computer Associates (

Best Java Class Library
WebObjects 5.2, Apple (
WebObjects provides a solution when complex data sources are involved and high complexity is required in application logic. It fosters reduced coding and supports a more pure MVC application where no code is needed in the Viewers. WebObjects applications can be deployed as standard J2EE servlets, and it reduces the complexity of developing a J2EE application.
First Runner-up: Java Object Cache, Oracle(
Second Runner-up: JFreeChart, The Object Refinery (
Third Runner-up: Quest JClass, Quest Software (

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